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As buildings age it is only natural that the mechanical equipment will age with it. A thorough audit of all or part of a building’s HVAC system is an affordable way to assess functionality before more serious (and more expensive) problems arise. It can identify malfunctioning components, sensors that may be out of calibration or parts that have shifted, which can cause the building’s system to deviate from its original design. Whether it is a full or focused audit, DassTab can prepare a proposal that is tailored to the particular items that are of importance to the facility management team, keeping the cost as low as possible.


HVAC audits are also a great way to measure the efficiency of an existing system. By accurately measuring fan and pump performance using fluid flow and electrical analysis, DassTab can assist the consulting team in determining if the building would benefit from any equipment replacements or upgrades. This can often greatly improve the energy efficiency of a system, thereby opening up opportunities for the facility to access significant credits from energy companies.

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