Power Analyzers
Power Clamp Meter
Rotating Vane Anemometer
Sound Level Meters
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Pitot Tube
Hydronic Manometer
Airdata Multimeter Kit
Capture Flow Hood

DassTab’s technicians use only the most advanced, microprocessor-based instruments for field data acquisition, resulting in the most precise and accurate measurements possible. All instruments are regularly (annually or semi-annually, as required) calibrated by E & E Process Instrumentation (ISO/IEC-17025:2005 Registered) and/or Marsh Metrology (ISO9001:2008 Registered).


Each technician has a complete set of basic instruments as well as a digital copy of all calibration records for the instruments in their possession. The original documents are kept on file in the main office. For any given project, the final TAB report lists all instruments used as well as their make, model, function, serial number and the date of calibration. Calibration certificates are also submitted as part of the pre-TAB contract documents.

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