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New Hospital Developments

DassTab has developed a solid reputation in the successful delivery of new hospital developments, most notably with numerous such projects in the Golden Horseshoe Area. The slideshow above provides a look at several hospital developments DassTab has worked on to date. Known for working in tandem with the construction and design teams both on and off site, DassTab always keeps the end-user (the public) in mind. DassTab is trusted and respected in this field, always known to deliver the highest quality of service both on schedule and on budget. DassTab is extremely proud of its reputation and has never failed to deliver on a project.

Operating Hospitals

A growing trend in facility management is to perform preventative maintenance to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of unexpected issues. DassTab has developed a comprehensive method for evaluating the performance of critical environment rooms, including isolation suites and operating and procedure rooms. These tests ensure that critical environment rooms are safe for both the patients and healthcare staff to use. DassTab has a growing number of clients that utilize these services seasonally to evaluate, and if required, troubleshoot critical environment room issues.

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