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Given the broad range of project types in this sector (data centres, transportation, water processing, education, military, nuclear, etc.), it is difficult to pinpoint any one exemplary project as each one has unique needs. For example, many of these projects have a high level of redundancy, with complex backup systems in place to protect against system failure. These often require diligent tuning and a high level of communication with the contracting team, especially with the building automation system supplier. DassTab has developed a solid reputation as a professional, experienced team player in this field, providing valuable insight and high quality workmanship on all projects. Its team of technicians are adaptable and skilled at evaluating any such project and executing it both on time and on budget. Knowing that many specialty projects are also often highly confidential in nature, DassTab is committed to protecting its clients’ confidentiality and always takes special security measures to ensure the safety of all data.

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