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Many buildings, especially older ones, would likely benefit from comfort balancing. As HVAC systems age, mechanical parts can move - redirecting the airflow and causing a variety of undesirable system effects. These system effects sometimes surface as symptoms that can be easily observed by building occupants such as:

  • The air seems stuffy

  • The air seems drafty

  • There is a whistling noise coming from the vent

  • It seems hotter in one room

  • It seems colder in one room

  • There is condensation on the windows

Comfort balancing identifies the causes of these symptoms and corrects them, returning the HVAC system and building environment to a stable state. Often this can be done without installing any new HVAC components which can be expensive. The comfort balancing process is a cost effective way to support the building owner in achieving the best possible building environment with the existing HVAC system.

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