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Airborne Precaution Rooms / Pandemic Zones – Addressing COVID-19

With our world, and country, facing a pandemic, Dasstab is here to support. We are experts at analyzing inpatient areas and performing a detailed air audit - consisting of airflow and room pressure differential measurements - to ensure essential treatment areas within hospitals and healthcare centres are performing as intended. We identify and address ventilation problems that may be putting hospital staff and/or patients at risk of exposure. Dasstab has worked extensively with Ontario's leading hospitals and healthcare centres for over 25 years, performing controls and balancing adjustments that ensure the air dynamics in inpatient areas facilitate a safe pandemic environment. Please contact us with any needs - we are fully available during this difficult time - our highly-skilled team are here to support around-the-clock to help our province and country address this crisis.


Hospitals & Healthcare

Operating in the hospital and healthcare industry for 25 years, DassTab has the experience and expertise necessary for any kind of project in this uniquely challenging space.


Commercial Developments

Whether it is a new, high-rise development or a renovation in an existing structure, DassTab is an industry leader in completing large scale commercial projects both on time and on budget. 



Pharmaceutical &

Other Manufacturing

Since its inception, DassTab has readily offered a wide variety of services to many pharmaceutical and manufacturing clients including facility validation and HVAC system changes. 


Infrastructure & Specialty

From data centres to transportation, education, water processing and more, DassTab has a wealth of experience delivering successful projects in this very wide-ranging field of work.